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Although this tool has a forever free option, I am using the Canva Pro for the extended features. This link is to the paid plan for the Canva Pro. (There is a free trial period.)

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In 2014 I started using the Kajabi app which for me means high quality all in one tool for my online courses and coaching business. (There is a free trial period.)

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Learn with Chalene Johnson

In 2014 when I started using Kajabi I also joined the Marketing Impact Academy taught by Chalene Johnson. I still am member of this training and this affiliate link gives you  opportunity to join a free masterclass.

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Free Masterclass

Learn with Mary Morrissey

I align with Mary Morrissey's work so much that I took her coaching and in 2015 became a Certified DremBuilder Coach. Mary's work builds on her life stories of conquered challenges that led to proven process she is teaching.

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